Blackberry to Exit Hardware Business | Will Outsource it to TCL | Hub+ and Radar to Stay

End of an Era?


Google Trips: Best App for Travel Planning? | Reviewed

Between the hype and noise of “Google Allo” and Google’s Next phone’s release date, one app which was released on 19th Sept was totally ignored by the crowd, That app is “Google Trips” For an introduction, this is basically a trip planning app by Google, where your travel and stay reservations, Itinerary, Maps and all the…

Google Allo: Google’s AI Powered Messaging App Launched

This year at Google IO, Google made some really interesting announcements like Google’s video chat app “Duo” and an instant messenger “Google Allo” which has some integrated features dependent on AI (Artificial Intelligence). After Duo’s launch everyone was waiting for Allo to launch and here we are today with the app ready on Play Store….

Google’s Next Flagship “Pixel”to be Unveiled on Oct 4th

As current rumors say,  Google is Killing their Nexus line of flagship to begin with their own phone lineup called “Pixel”. After a lot of speculations Google has released a video which clearly hints towards their event on Oct 4th.     They have also created a website with URL “” giving us enough clue…

Why iPhone 7/7 Plus does not have Headphone Jack? Courageous Move?

We have had headphone jacks of quarter inch or 6.35mm from 19th Century. Later the miniature version it, which is currently known as 3.5mm audio jack became popular in mid of 20th century.   Despite of having this audio port for such a long time, why Apple is throwing it in the trash?  Do we…