Chrome Beta on Android Now Allows Background Audio Playback


            Well, it happens a lot of times that you want to play that song from YouTube but as soon as you minimize it the audio stops playing. Latest Chrome Beta update has solution to this problem.

            Now you can play any video in Chrome Beta and minimize it. At first the audio will be pause but as soon as you pull the notification tray down, you can see an option to play and pause the audio of the video you just played. People were waiting for this feature since ages and now it has finally arrived.

            But wait, this is not the only update in the latest Chrome Beta edition. Apart from background audio playback now chrome allows tabs to talk with each other, which means developers can now build communication between the tabs.  Developers can also stop the background audio playback through an API, though we wish this does not happen for our loved websites.

          The big visual change in the interface is swipe from the bottom in the chrome home screen now brings suggestions from Google about the articles you might be interested in. So if you have searched something then you will find suggestions around it.


         Note: Of course you need to be signed in to use this feature for suggestions.

Click Here to download Chrome Beta from Play Store.


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