Why iPhone 7/7 Plus does not have Headphone Jack? Courageous Move?

We have had headphone jacks of quarter inch or 6.35mm from 19th Century. Later the miniature version it, which is currently known as 3.5mm audio jack became popular in mid of 20th century.


Despite of having this audio port for such a long time, why Apple is throwing it in the trash?  Do we really don’t need this port at all?

Apple has given three major reasons for not including the audio jack in their latest flagships

1. 3.5mm Audio Jack is Too Old to be Used


Apple says that this audio port is too old and has been in use on electronics for more than 100 years. Apart from that their new custom lightning port is way more capable as it can handle Audio, Data, Power.

2. To Make Some More Space and Waterproofing!

      In this age of tech where the mobile phones are getting thinner and thinner, there is an obvious need to have more space to have a bigger battery, bigger camera sensors etc. So Apple decided to sacrifice the audio port to include bigger battery (2900mAh) and include “Taptic Engine” for the new home button to give you haptic feedback when yo touch it. This is because of new home button which doesn’t click and is pressure sensitive.

Source: iFixit

The removal of audio jack has also made space for dual lens setup in iPhone 7 Plus and its larger sensor.

Waterproofing is a pretty lame reason as Samsung and Sony has been waterproofing their phones despite of having the audio jack intact.


3. Apple Believes “Wireless is Future”

Source: Apple

Apple says it believes in wireless future (Like every other company is believing since a decade). This is statistically correct as in many of surveys the Bluetooth headphones have outnumbered the sales of wired headphones.

But this statement is actually confusing. If Apple truly believed that the future is wireless then why didn’t they come up with wireless charging? Let’s hope they do it in their next flagship.

Since you don’t have an audio jack Apple has given a lightning earpod and a dongle which will connect your traditional headphone to your iPhone 7/7 Plus. To overcome this hassle now Apple sells their version of wireless earbuds called Airpods which is sold at $160!!

Source: Gizmodo UK


So overall the only reason which is pretty convincing is that Apple has removed the 3.5 mm Audio jack to make some more space inside the device for better internals like battery, image sensor and taptic engine.

Having said that it will be really interesting to see how customers adapt to this change considering that a lot of us use phones for listening music while it is still charging.

Whatever Apple says, I still wont be able to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time until I use an extremely horrible adapters like these!!




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