Latest WhatsApp Beta includes Doodling on Pictures/Videos, Bigger Emojis and more

WhatsApp has rolled out its new beta with version 2.16.271 includes some interesting new features and some of them are like Snapchat.

So whats new? Let’s find out.

1. Video Zooming and Flash on Front Camera

While recording video from WhatsApp’s camera (Placed at right of text box), while holding the record button, now you can zoom into the video by swiping one finger up and down to zoom in and zoom out respectively. This is a similar feature to Snapchat and Instagram.

Apart from that, app now flashes the whole screen in white color for your selfies, if you click it from WhatsApp’s camera (Placed at right of text box) to give you some brightness.

2. Doodling on Pictures/Videos

Now you can draw, add text/emojis on a picture/videos taken from WhatsApp’s camera (Placed at right of text box).

It would be great if developers add the same feature while sharing any picture from gallery.

3. Bigger Emojis

When you send the heart emoji as a single entity, it turns bigger in terms of its size, similarly if you send any emoji as a single chat character it will also be bigger than usual but not as big as the heart emoji though.


As soon as you increase the number of emojis, the size goes on reducing until 4 such emojis, and then the size remains same

You can download WhatsApp Beta 2.16.271 from here



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