Remix OS: Desktop Class Android, Now on Your PC | Explained!

Imagine using Android as your default operating system on your PC. Sounds fun?

To achieve that, we do use popular simulators like Bluestacks and many more.

Though simulators have their own challenges like multitasking issues, it is slow as hell, mostly outdated Android versions and above all, Android is not a desktop class OS at all. To solve these issues up to an extent, a company named Jide has ported Android for x86 architecture.

What it means is, now you can run modified version of Android Marshmallow OS, like any other operating system (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu) on any Intel processor driven computer. You can actually boot your computer from any USB drive/Hard Drive to run Android.

The best part is, you can make the USB drive bootable, connect it to computer and start working on it while it is connected to the USB port. All the user data will be saved on the USB drive itself. Its literally a plug and play Operating System.

Notable Features:

1. Desktop, Shortcuts, Trash

You now have a desktop option similar to windows along with desktop shortcuts. You can add any file’s shortcut to the desktop by just a “right click–> Add Shortcut to Desktop”

And yes, it has Recycle Bin’s clone known as Trash and functions exactly like recycle bin.


2. Multi-Window Multitasking & Windows Maximize/Minimize/Close Controls 

As an Operating system, Android Marshmallow does not have any multi-window feature, but Remix OS has that featured covered.


3. Task Bar and Windows like Start Button

To make the OS more comfortable for Windows users, Jide decided to have a Windows like Taskbar and a start button (located at left bottom) which launches app drawer.

Taskbar with Start Button at the Left
Start Button Launches App Drawer

4. Drag and Drop Capability

Like all the desktop OS, in Remix OS you can drag and drop to move files.


5. Keyboard and Mouse Optimization

You can right click and have options like Copy, Paste etc. just like Windows


6. Run Remix OS from USB Drive without Dual Boot to PC

Usually we need to dual boot a new operating system while keeping old OS intact but with Remix OS you can mount ISO file and make it bootable and then you can plug the USB drive to boot the OS to use it directly. No installation required! No drivers required!

After you use the OS and load your data/ App Data on it, you don’t need to worry about the data as it will be stored on USB drive itself. So when you connect the USB drive to any other computer you don’t need to worry about your data.

Remix OS Installation Tutorial is coming soon !!



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