Google Trips: Best App for Travel Planning? | Reviewed

Between the hype and noise of “Google Allo” and Google’s Next phone’s release date, one app which was released on 19th Sept was totally ignored by the crowd, That app is “Google Trips”

For an introduction, this is basically a trip planning app by Google, where your travel and stay reservations, Itinerary, Maps and all the info you need about the travel destination,  stays under one tab and that too offline.

There are a ton of great apps already for planning a trip, like TripAdvisor, Triphobo, Trip It etc. but what makes “Google trips” interesting? Lets find out.

This app has clean User Interface (UI) and it is very very easy to use and none of the popular Trip Planning apps mentioned have such simplified UI.

How it works?

As soon as you open this app, you will see some automatically created tabs. These tabs are automatically created by analyzing your Gmail account’s emails. If your mailbox has any Railway, Bus, Flight tickets.

For example if you have a flight ticket for Paris in your Gmail, then there will be an automatic tab present in the app without you creating it. Of course you can remove it if you don’t want it to be there. This is also applicable if there are any tickets from past as well.

App’s Home Screen

What if you want to create a trip of your own? Just tap the search bar at the top,put your trip destination and select it. You will be able to see a lot of different tabs like Reservations, Things to do, Saved places etc. for the trip location. Click “Create Trip” to begin.


Lets look at these tabs in detail

1. Reservations

This tab contains all of your reservations of travel and stay. This data is automatically extracted from your Gmail account. You can tap each ticket/reservation to get detailed info

2. Things to Do

In this tab you get suggestions from Google regarding which places you can visit and they are divided into many categories like Top Spots, For You, Local Favorites, Shopping Spots etc. Here you can save places by clicking on star icon of each place.

All of theses saved places can be found in the “Saved Places” tab

3. Day Plans

This is the best feature of this app.

Many times it happens that we spend the whole day for going around  only 2 to 3 places which are fairly far from each other instead of visiting some nice places which are nearby in a single day. For this complication there is a brilliant solution in this tab

This app suggests itinerary for each day and each place in that itinerary is close to each other so that you don’t waste your time visiting farther places which you can plan later on some other day. If you don’t like suggestions then you can create your custom itinerary by clicking “+” icon at the bottom right. The magic wand icon gives new Day Plan suggestion after each click


4. Food and Drink

This tab has two sections viz. Overview and Top Spots.

Overview section tells you the Local specialties and other food related info. Top spots section has a compilation of top rated eateries detail with categorization like High End Dining, On a Budget etc. Very useful indeed.


5. Getting Around

This tab helps you to ease your commute in the trip by providing you all the details like how can you travel On Arrival, By Public Transport, Taxi/Ride Service etc.



6. Need to Know

This tab comprises of all the generic information of the location. Has very important information like Health and Emergency (Contact Numbers, Hospitals), Shopping, Money (Local Currency, Taxes), Internet


What I Liked?

  1. Everything is saved offline, that’s amazing coz while I am travelling I may or may not have a data connection with me.
  2. “Day plans” is the best feature with automatic plan for my complete day, and hey if I don’t like it then I can always create my own day plan.
  3. All the necessary information is under one main tab created for the trip so that I don’t run through apps on my phone to search for information.

What I didn’t Like?

  1. I cannot create my own tabs, for example if I want to add some notes for myself, I will still have to go for a third party app like Evernote or Google Keep.
  2. It has tight integration with Google services and this app wont be able to find my reservations if the tickets are in my Yahoo mailbox.
  3. All the tabs are not present for all the locations. For smaller cities like Shimla there are no “Day Plans” and “Getting Around” tabs. I hope they gather more info to add these tabs for as many locations as they can.

Verdict (4.5 out of 5)

Are you planning for a trip ? If yes then this is the best trip planner app that we have today. Having said that it still needs to improve with more customization options.


Download the Google Trips app here


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