Blackberry to Exit Hardware Business | Will Outsource it to TCL | Hub+ and Radar to Stay

As we were getting some info on leaked images of Blackberry’s DTEK60 phone which is to be manufactured by TCL (Parent company of Alcatel), now we have the news that Blackberry is going to stop making their own hardware.

Their flagship “Priv” which was also their first Android powered phone was announced just a year ago. This was not a bad phone but it could not make any impact on the market like Samsung’s Galaxy series or iPhones did.

New players like OnePlus also had crazy sales this year and not to mention Motorola’s epic comeback in the mobile phone market.

Blackberry Priv

In May 2016, the company’s CEO, John Chen, said he would come to know if hardware business is profitable or not, by September and today we have this news.

Results for this quarter were net loss of  $372 million on revenue of  $334 million.

What this means?

  1. Blackberry will still make mobile phones but no in-house manufactured devices.
  2. Will continue the software business with BlackBerry Radar, Blackberry Hub+
  3. TCL will be getting most of the hardware manufacturing contracts and hence we might see future designs of Blackberry phones similar to that of Alcatel.
  4. An end of True Blackberry made Mobile phone era.


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