4th Oct Google Event | What to Expect?

On Sept 7th Apple announced one the most anticipated products of the year iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with Apple Watch Series 2 and iOS10. Now it is Google’s turn to hold the limelight for their next set of gadgets this year on 4h Oct. 2016.

Lets find out what can we expect on Tuesday.

1. Pixel and Pixel XL


British retailer has leaked the specifications of the Pixel and Pixel XL phones and took it down after it became viral. It is rumored to have Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM, Quad HD and full HD AMOLED displays for Pixel X and XL and same camera module of 12MP rear and 8MP front etc.

You can check detailed specifications here

The sad news is that the “Nexus” name will be killed to introduce Pixel Lineup to revamp their smartphone hardware section. Let us hope Pixel lives upto expectation.

2. Chromecast Ultra

After Chromecast and Chromecast 2, Google is set to  lunch “Chromecast Ultra”.  Reportedly it will have capabilities to stream 4K UHD content to 4K enabled TV.


3. Google WiFi

Google already has their own WiFi router OnHub but leaks suggest that there is new hardware going to be added in their portfolio. This will be a device like “Eero” which will work with OnHub router to create a mesh network so that there are no dead WiFi zones in your home onhub_social

4. Google Home

To introduce a strong competition to Amazon’s Echo, which is home voice assistant,  there will be one more hardware announcement called “Google Home” which is already known to people.


5. Daydream VR

This year at Google IO, Daydream VR was announced and Google said that it will be one of the biggest aspect of Android’s future. Hence there is a very very high probability that there will be an announcement for VR Headgear and VR controllers.


6. Andromeda?

As we saw recently, Chrome OS got full support for Android applications, there are rumors suggesting that Google might merge Chrome OS and Android to create a fully desktop supported OS called “Andromeda”

Google has been into mobile landscape for years with Android, but now it is thinking to take on MacOS and Windows. Hope this ends well for Google if this rumor is going to be a reality



This will be one of the biggest events for Google and all the questions will be answered soon!!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you feel about these announcements in the comments section


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