Xiaomi Mi Mix: The Bezel-Less Phone | Now a Reality

The world has been waiting for a bezel-less phone since the inception of touchscreen smartphones. There were many concept designs which grabbed our attention and here are a few of them


Sharp is the company which turned out be the one who executed this idea before anyone could. In October 2014 they launched a phone called Aquos Crystal which was almost a bezel-less phone and had decent specs. The only thing which was lacking was, Flagship Specifications. Apart from that Sharp was not able to market it as other brand would definitely do for such an innovative idea, which led to the failure of the phone.

Here are a few pictures of Sharp’s Aquos Crystal.




Today, Xiaomi has announced their version of Bezel-less phone named “Mi Mix“.



Source: igeekphone.com


Source: igeekphone.com
Source: igeekphone.com

The phone not only has crazy amount of display covered on front, but also has really good specifications to compete against almost any Android flagship. Apart from that the phone has been designed by “Philippe Starck” a renowned designer


  1. SoC: Snapdragon 821, Adreno 530 Graphics
  2. RAM: 4GB/ 6GB for 128 GB storage and 256 GB storage options respectively
  3. Screen to Body Ratio: 91.3 %
  4. Display Resolution: 2040*1080 (362PPI)
  5. Display Size: 6.4 Inches
  6. Dimensions: 158.8mm * 81.9mm * 7.9mm (Width, height, thickness)
  7. Battery: 4400mAh
  8. Camera: 16MP rear camera with PDAF/f2.0 and Front camera with 5MP

The phone has been priced for ¥3499 for 4GB+128GB variant and ¥3999 for 6GB+256GB variant. At this price range the specs are great and will be a great buy for someone who loves screen real estate with high end hardware.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments’ section, what do you think of this bezel-less phone


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cubbie says:

    Is this device out in stores?


    1. TheReviewGuy says:

      Hi Cubbie,
      The device is right now only available in China on Xiaomi’s website and you can buy online from third party stores but for at least $100 more.
      This is the link for Xiaomi’s China website : http://www.mi.com/mix/#section1

      This is the link for USA website for buying Mi Mix

      I hope it helps. Thanks for reading


  2. TheReviewGuy says:

    This is the link for USA website for buying Mi Mix


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