WhatsApp: Video Calling Feature Announced for Everyone

There are a ton of apps which let you do a video call, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Viber are a few of them. But the most popular text messaging app WhatsApp is still with audio calling feature only and users are more than eager to have a video call feature.

People have been asking WhatsApp to add an audio call feature and they did it after 4 years of WhatsApp’a Launch, later people asked for video call option too and yes they have officially declared to release it.

Neeraj Arora (WhatsApp’s Business Guy), has tweeted (while he is in Delhi) about this feature to be rolled out by today.

It has been quite a long time that WhatsApp beta has video calling feature and people seem to like it as well. Now as usual WhatsApp is moving this beta feature to everyone and the rollout will start mostly by today.

The whatsapp calling is as easy as sending a text.

  • Open a conversation
  • Tap the call (📞) Icon
  • Click the video call option, and that’s it


The only condition to have a successfull video call is that, the person whom you are calling should have the updated version of WhatsApp to support video calls

If you want this feature on your phone before the play store gets it, download the Android beta version from here

UPDATE: 16th Nov 2016

WhatsApp has  officially released the video calling feature and you can download it from Play Store here

Thanks for reading folks, stay tuned for more tech updates !!


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