Apple’s Airpods are Practically Irreparable | Scored Zero on iFixit Teardown

It has been months since the announcement of Airpods alongside with iPhone 7/7Plus.

With the delays in the availability, now these fully wireless earphones are available for purchasing.


Airpods have been ridiculed on social media and news for having “One Size Fits All” design and an expensive price tag of $159. While I cannot justify making fun of the Airpods, but it is true that Airpods do drop out of people’s ears very easily and that too at such an expensive price this design flaw is kinda noticeable šŸ˜›


On the brighter side, it has the most seamless Bluetooth pairing ever along with some interesting features like, if you get the Airpods out of your ears then the music stops automatically, thanks to its IR proximity sensors. The sides of Airpods are touch sensitive and you can tap it to wake Siri up for your commands.

Seamless Pairing
IR Sensors

Audio seems to be JUST better than the earpods that come in the box with latest iPhones and with such heavy pricing the audio quality is not acceptable for a lot of people.

But this article is not about that, it is about theĀ repairability of Airpods, if you have damaged them.


A popular teardown website iFixit has tried to cut through the Airpods’ design to check if it is repairable and if yes they give a score out of 10, where 10 being easiest of them to repair. Sad news is that the Airpods have got the score of zero on the Repairability scale. Given the complete unibody design, the score is not shocking.

For opening the Airpods there is no way other than tearing it down with blades and this does an irreversible damage to them. Similar is the scenario for its charging-carrying case and you have to literally break into it.





In its first generation, Airpods are doing what they promise i.e. being fully wireless. Ease of pairing and some nice features like tap to wake Siri and automatic Play/Pause if they are in your ear or out respectively, but for $159 the product is poorly designed and does not fit all ear sizes. Due to its construction its impossible to repair it and only option you are left with is to buy a new pair. So don’t push yourself to buy it, wait for the 2nd gen Airpods.




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