YouTube Go Launched on Play Store as a Beta | Useful? Let’s Find Out

YouTube Go was announced in India in September 2016 and now it is available on Play Store for download for limited users and for limited countries like India.

So what this app does? Basically it is a stripped down version app of the YouTube app we all have been using so far. YouTube go is intended for the regions where the data speeds are very slow. This app lets you choose to download the video on your phone’s SD card and lets you share it with your friends (Using phone’s WiFi)

So how does it help with low speeds? To counter balance the download data size and the slow data speeds, the app makes trade-off with the quality of video, the maximum resolution is “Standard Quality” which should be 360p or 480p at max and another option as “Basic Quality” which is 144p

So let’s have a look at the app itself

It welcomes you with bunch of Indian Languages to select from, and after that asks you to register with your phone number and email ID. That’s it!! you are good to go


After this sign-up is done, you can see the home screen exactly like the default YouTube app.

Now you can download videos and share them to your friends having YouTube Go app without any third party apps like TubeMate.


Let me know what do you think of this app in the comments below.

Download the app here

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