OnePlus Bullets V2: Most Underpriced Earphones | Reviewed

OnePlus has been known for providing excellent hardware at a very competitive price and all the devices launched by OnePlus have been top notch in terms of performance. Apart from mobile phones, OnePlus has also launched earphones named “OnePlus Bullets V2” for the price of Rs. 1200 (That’s amazingly low priced) or ~$20.

Lets find out if the low price translates to the performance as well or it shines despite of the low cost.

Unboxing Experience

As soon as you see the packaging, I bet you won’t believe what you are seeing are $20  earphones.  Well you got to see this and decide yourself how premium the box is designed.


Full marks to OnePlus team for a premium unboxing experience.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box, we get earphones (Of course!), user manual and ear-tips to fit all sizes of the ears. No Carrying Case or pouch!!! Now you know where the cost cutting was made. Considering the price, I am not even complaining.





Earphones, do they suck?

After that premium unboxing experience, it will be quite a harsh comment to say that they suck, but at the end what matters is “How do they sound?” or “What functionality do they offer?”

Talking about the functionality, the earphones have inline remote for Play/Pause, volume up and down keys and a mic.


The Play/Pause button has ridged texture on it, and it makes easy to identify while you are jogging or exercising, helped me a lot while workouts. Apart from Playing and pausing it also helps to play next and previous track by double and triple click respectively.All the buttons were quite tactile so no problem regarding that.


Microphone on this earphone is pretty good and callers were never able to identify the fact that I am on an external earphone mic. The only problem here is that you need to make sure the mic is facing your mouth otherwise callers wont be able to listen your voice at all, as it will catch surrounding noise and not your voice.

Coming to the most important point, how do they sound?.

Well, if I had to sum up this review into one line, then my answer would be “Best in this price range and a steal for bass lovers at this price”. If you are bass loving audiophile, then you will enjoy this A LOT!! Bass is punchy and instrument separation is decent and if you could get an audio file of 320kbps or more, then you might get a better instrument separation.

On the high pich sounds it performs OK but good enough to enjoy our daily music. It does try to comppensate the audio gain at some higher frequencies so you don’t end up missing those sounds. If you want to get more technical about this then have a look at the frequency response

Frequency Response Showing Powerful Bass Reproduction but an Average High Pitch Reproduction


Final Verdict (8/10)

Go and buy it right now if you are thinking of buying an affordable earphones which perfom amazing for almost everybody’s taste.

Considering the fact that the price is only Rs. 1200 or $20, the earphones are premium in design and feel, in the audio department it produces great bass and if you are a fan of that, then buy this straight away. It may not please audiophiles who like their audio to be equally reproduced to all frequencies/pitches. This is still an underpriced piece of tech in terms of performance.

To buy OnePlus Bullets V2, click here

Thanks for reading this article, please drop your feedbacks in the comment section, also let me know what do you think of OnePlus Bullets V2


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