WhatsApp Status is Back and Now Known as “About” | Few More Updates

Since the launch of WhatsApp’s “Snapchat Stoty” like status feature, everybody seems to hate it a lot. Some of them said they like the new status feature but they want their old Text based Status as well should be retained as a feature.

Well WhatsApp seems to be taking the feedback quite seriously and they have added the Text status back but with a new name called “About” and it is exactly like the previous status feature. Here is a screenshot for the samewp-1489157058406.jpgTo get the “About” feature you will have to download latest beta which will be available to only beta testers on Play Store, else you can click here to download the latest beta.

You can change the status by clicking WhatsApp Settings and then Click on profile picture of yours

Some More Changes

There are a few changes in the user interface like the chatbox now has rounded sides and the attachment icon has also been moved inside chat box

Chatbox has Rounded sides and attachment icon is now inside the chatbox


Apart from that, right next to the name of person we have video call option with usual audio call option as well

Video call option is now next to the name


Thanks for reading, please do post your feedback about this article and do comment your opinions about this feature


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