Google Now Integration with Nova Launcher | How to enable it?

Our favorite launcher has been always Nova Launcher and we all can agree that the launcher has given us a ton of customization options that we never had in our phone’s stock launchers.

While that is true, every user of Nova has at least once has exclaimed, “God Nova launcher had Google Now on swiping left to the home screen like Pixel launcher!”. Well developers of TeslaCoil (Company which develops Nova Launcher) have heard your wish over the years and finally have came up with the solution to this problem.

Now you can swipe left on the Nova Launcher’s home screen and get access to Google Now directly with installing a custom apk from the same company, so lets find out how to do it.

Step 1: Download Nova Launcher Beta

Click here to download Nova Launcher beta version since everyone is not the beta tester.

Home Screen of Nova Launcher

Step 2: Install Nova Google Companion

Click here to install companion app required for Google Now integration

Step 3: Swipe Left from Home Screen

Google Now is now accessible via left swipe on home screen

I hope this helped you, do let me know if you liked this article in the comments section below.

Thanks For Reading !!!

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