How to Get OnePlus 5’s Reading Mode on any Phone?

Its been a couple of weeks since the OnePlus 5 has been launched and the features like Dual Camera, Fast Speed and performance, Fastest Fingerprint Scanner are already making a great buzz. Also controversy isn’t far from OnePlus.

Also we can’t deny the fact that the phone is really really good. OnePlus also announced some software features on top of Android 7.1.1 Nougat to make the phone much more user friendly.

Out of all the other features, one feature really stood out for me, and that is “Reading Mode”. This mode makes the whole screen gray-scale like an e-book reader. This is a great feature since I tend to read a lot on my phone’s screen and due to that sometimes it takes quite a time to go to sleep.


Though OnePlus 5 uses ambient light sensor to manage this reading mode, you can also get this feature to run on your Android phone running Lollipop and above.

So how to do that?

Step 1: Enable Developer Options

Go to settings –> About Phone –> Build Number

Click on build number 7 times and it will say “You are a developer”. Now go back to Settings menu and you will find “Developer Options”

Step 2: Enable Color Space to Monochromacy

After geting into Developer options go to “Simulate Color Space” option and click on “Monochromacy”

And that’s it, now your whole phone get into reading mode for easy reading!!

I hope this article was useful for you, sharing this article on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter will help your friends who read a lot on smartphone and have strain due to it, so feel free to share 🙂

Thanks for reading !!

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Cover Image Courtesy: Android Authority.


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