MoveIt: The All in One Media Manager App | Reviewed

Folks at MoveIt requested me to have a look at their app by stating that the app does all the “Media Management”, to which I agreed, coz that’s what I do, review stuffs 🙂

Without further delay lets get into the app details.

App Name: MoveIt

Function: Media Management, Junk Cleaner

Developer: MoveIt

Google Play Rating: 4.4 (5000+ Downloads)

Download Link:  Downlod


1. Transfer Media to SD Card

I used this feature on my Android One phone and feature works flawlessly. There is no complain about it.


2. Automatic Media Transfer

By far this is the best feature that I have found with this app.

This feature lets you automatically transfer the media whenever any new media is added to a specific folder. This came very handy when I wanted to  automatically transfer WhatsApp media to my SD card and all that happened automatically without even noticing.

Just this feature alone makes this app worth.

3. In Built Junk Cleaner

This feature lets users clean the junk like cache, apk files etc without installing any other app and that saves a lot of space by not installing apps like Clean Master etc.



Other Features

Other features include media scanning, great internal and external media search and in built media player to view videos and pictures while you organize them.

Verdict (4/5)

The app is very very minimalist hence very smooth in terms of UI. Best feature being the automatic media transfer between the folders whenever a new file is added and it is great for space management on your internal storage.

On the other hand I would like the developers to add WiFi enabled transfer between phones as well so that users can transfer the media while they are organizing it.

You can download the app here


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